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V-Day downs and ups

V-day can mean 3 things.

1. Spending a good day with your sweet heart/ the girl bosses the boy around and the girl doesnt have to feel bad.

2. Being depresssed cuz you dont have V-day with an awsome sweetie.

3. you honestly dont give a crap!

I would be #3 because ive relized that it doesnt matter if your alone as long  as your happy. And im tired of  being sad over a Fake holiday. so for all the girls that wanna be sad…. 4get it! its not worth it and it makes you feel better if you make yourself feel happier!!! just try it!


The bases

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this week it’s that freinds are like bases they lift youup and help you go where you want or need to go. Everybody needs a freind. I have great freinds. And oh lord am I thankful for them.  They help me stay out oftrouble, get out of depressing times, point me the right way etc.

When i tell everyone their biggest secret they don’t tell a single person mine. When I steal their man or tear up their homework they still help me as much as they can. When I make my bigist mistake, I canscout on them. They are there and they won’t let me fall, I will NEVER let them fall and no matter how far apart I love them just as much and if not more.

And nothing splits us apart I will always be able to reach them as to they can reach me. Freinds are like bases, and best freinds are backspots 😉

Dont fill your heart with hate or there wont be anough room for love.

Ever since i put mirrors in my room, i have been writing sayings on them with dry erase marker. This is my favorite saying that i have on there. (dont fill your heart with hate or else there wont be anough room for love) I often look at it when im upset to remind me to look at the positive. Its just nice to have just a couple of words change your life. This phrase has helped me ever since I was 7 yrs. old.

I wanted to love everybody and just be the loving type person like one of my close freinds allison but I turned out just Hateing everybody. My heart was filled with hate, 98%! :p But then i read this and I relized how much I hate on people and how i dhould be loving people. I still am a Hater but im a lover now too. Those 14 words changed my life. So I want to share them with you so that hopefully they will change your life too.

– Thera Pope

Osteonecrosis Condition

yesterday i found out that my bone “condition” is called Osteonecrosis. Its where your blood suply doesnt grow fast anough and some of your bones dont have blood going through so that bone dies. I got it a little more than a year ago. I was in serious pain and had to where a brace then i had cruches and right before i was about to go in a wheelchair it started to feel better. But it still hert, even today it still herts ocationally. Also now my other knee is herting and i think its my “condition” again. And i dont want to have to go through 6 mounths on cruches again. so if it keeps herting to the point i cant walk on that leg i am going striaght to a wheelchair.

     I cant imagine me in a wheelchair. I dont wanna be in a wheelchair. so hopefully ill get lucky again and it will start to heal anough to wear i can walk without groaning in pain. I have mentioned to my mom that i wanted to do surgery but she doesnt want to. Its not because of the money but well idk. I just want to do surgery so i dont have to deal with all this pain. I would rather have surgery and have a 3-12 mounth recovery. (i hope shes not reading this) well, ya so im happy to know what its called now and i guess we will see where god and my body takes me. ;p



I am a magger gleek! i try to watch it at least ever week. Glee is a great show expressing the drama of high school. it show the “types” of people the ‘special ed” (artie), the “air head” (britney), the “show off “(rachel), the “bad boy” (puck), the “pregnet cheerleader” (quin) etc. Of course thats not totally what high schools like. the show “glee” bends the truth for laughs but underlines the truth for drama! I totally recomend it for anyone who loves drama and a good comedy. it shows every tuesday on fox. go to for more info! 😉

nice but teachers have alot of assinments too!


I have had way to many projects the past few weaks. They have all been due around the same time. I think that teachers have lost there mind. I am not this magic  supper hero who can do things in a split second. Give the students a break.How’s would you like to have to do a bunch of assiments at the same time? Please post comments about your thoughts on to much homework.

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Anna :p


we where at a party and anna was being… anna. she gave her self a new hairdo then put on crazy make-up!

we’re there for you anna! this pic has hard to get but it was worth it.  she is a crazy but funny chick.


Save the drowning from swimming the wrong way- Middle school

Save the drowning from swimming the wrong way- Middle school.

Save the drowning from swimming the wrong way- Middle school

Its a hell hole if you ask me but in the end i look back and see how it changed me. In good and bad. It showed me how other people react and what some people do to sole their problems but it just makes it worse. The place is crazy and insane. i mean youve got drug dealers, cutters, smokers, sexual afection, etc. you cant walk down the halls without seeing a couple swaping breath mints. and heres the worst part; theres nothing we can do about it. we can make  more stupid rules or pretend to be their freind and backstap them with a punishment for what you found out their doing but if anything it will just make it worse. thoose sweet poor kids who where influenced by the group before them are ruining their lives. And it seems noone can help. the only way to change the hell of middle school is for thoose kids to have the power to not go down that path. yes, i reliize im being dramatic but i am not exsaterating. middle school is where peoples lives ether get praised or rueined. i was a lucky one; only because my freinds saved me. if i didnt have the caring people around me that i have today, i would probaply end up with the poor “persuaded to do back things” group and the rest of my life would be the same. thats how middle school changed me. it changed how i think, feel,look. i now relate to people dramatic stories of back then and know; yes, they are telling the truth; yes, its really that sad; yes, the young teens today are having their lives torn a part and theirs nothing we can do about it but persuade. If we persuade maybe we can make thoose kids change their mind and turn around their life like i did. hopefully we can save them… even if we cant i hope all of you reading this can try or relize what goes on. it doesnt matter what school it is, homeschool, public school, even christian school. the horror still is present in middle school and i need help to at least try to save it!

Hair dye should be accepted at schools!


Unnatural hair dye should be accepted; it is way students can express themselves. It improves self-confidence, and it can show the type of person a student is. Overall unnatural hair dye should be accepted.

Students need to express themselves and figure out who they are, middle school is the time students are trying to do that. Dying their hair would help expressing and figuring out themselves.

       Dying hair unnatural colors also helps student’s self-confidence. They learn to ignore the laughs and to stand straight and confident. This can help them focus on school and not how people see them. This way their grades improve since they can focus on school because they are more confident. All leading to dying their hair an unnatural color.

Another reason dying hair unnatural colors should be accepted is because it improves student’s mood. They become happier and more positive. Which is a great way to get kids out of depression. Dying hair unnatural colors could save kids lives: because if a student is suffering from depression they could commit suicide but if they become happy by dying their hair they will not go down that path!

The school should accept unnatural hair dye. This could boost self-confidence, help kids be more positive which saves lives, and will help kids express themselves which is very important especially in middle school. In the end unnatural hair dye helps students and should be accepted!

– Thera Pope