by therapope

It can be the one thing that keeps you down or the one thing that keeps you alive. if i have learned one thing in life, its that love is powerfull. I think i am in love with a man that i will never get. I am trying though, trying to find another man i have those feelings for. The more I seacrch, the less i am confadent. After years and years i have figured out that it doesnt matter if the one you love doesnt love you back. At least you can experiance what it feels like to be inlove. The amazing fireworks that go off when he or she lightly touches you. You feel as though there is nothing else better in the world.

When he smiles you want more than anything to stay there, with him all day and laugh with him. No matter what he does you still feel as if he is the most perfect man in the world. When you are just in his presance, buterflys swarm around in your stomack. You feel as though you cant live without him. love is that wonderfull thing that noone should give up. There is no thing as a perfect dream man but there is such thing as a soul mate. Like i said, i think i am in love but i know the one i think i am falling for does not feel the sameway. Even though i still have hope, i also have destiniy. And my destiny is too live up in seattle, washington, get married, and have kids and a 100 year old house.

Love is needed. Love is real. Love will always be with you.