When everything changes around you, you feel like you’re sliding down a long slippery table and when you stop at the end you just keep spinning. I have experienced this, these last couple months. I have had close freind troubles and chanfamily family and I are moving 18 hours away from where we live now; I have put off boys and relationships.

Anyway, when I am in the process of sliding down that table, as all these changes come at me like fireballs shooting out from the blurry ness, I don’t seem to mind that part. (unless it’s too dramatic) but when I start spinning I begin to question,then wonder, then I freak out but by then it’s too late becusei am already at the other side of the table and the only way to get back is a big push. A push that I don’t have anough strength to preform.

So for right now I haven’t even started spinning but I expect it to come soon, but for now I am still having these fireball changes thrown at my derection