freinds forever or never

by therapope

I was going through a tough time in my life and I needed help.wait, let me pause and rewind a little bit.

It started when i was in 2nd grade, when you are in 2nd grade, its not that hard to make freinds, you like something someone else does and BOOM! you are freinds for life. well, thats kinda what happened to me. I was the one kid that didnt look like everyone else. We were in little town kyle, in the mid of texas where it is sooo hot, alll the time. not everyone is like california tan but, noone was as white as me. I looked like I had some sort of desise or like I was in the holicost. I was skinny,pale, had SUPER thin hair that was so blonde it was practicly white. so, when someone asked me to play with them, i got so happy i creid. this ‘someone” was anna. oh, sweet anna. raised by small town sweetheart catholics who wouldnt hert a fly, even if the world depended on it. anna was our typical goody tu-shoes, that wore perfect little flower T-shirts and little flower girl skirts through out 1st to 7th grade. she read the bible when she was only 6 and loved church like a fat kid loves pie. When she asked me to play with her i was thrilled and then we just became bestfreinds. then of course anna had a other freinds…. two, to be exsact. one was named alyssa, the other kingsley. Alyssa… oh Alyssa, poor girl. she was the most meanest girl in school, she wined, complained, and got everything she wanted! god, i hated her. but Kingsley, no kingsley was awsome! she was sassy but nice, had manners but atitude. she soon became my freind too. so that is how our group started. me, kingsley, and anna. how it should be.

But then when i was in 3rd grade, kingsley and I were playing at my house with my little sister, grace (eww), when their was a nock at the door. my mom answered it and then i herd a little girls voice, about my age. Kingsley,Grace, and I ran downstairs and sure anough was the fourth little member of the sisterhood,.. Lydia. she showed us her house, just down the alley.At the time i wanted to be freinds with her, and so did kingsley. so when we left i went up to my room and decided that Lydia would be the fourth memmber of our group. so, we all became freinds and i descoverd that lydia was nice to have around. before you knew it we were like sisters! we were the bestest of freinds and it was great!

Then one day, about 2 or so years ago, Lydia changed. she was all about looks, and brands of clouthes, she took an hours to just do her hair, she treated me like her little purse dog, and at first I ignored it to see if she would stop, then we had little fights every now and then, then i got tired of being treated so badly and when i was ganna walk away from her, somthing happened…. I found out i was moving, all the way to Iowa! Lydia and I sat in my bed crying for hours and i was so upset i didnt do anything for days,and thats when i decided i couldnt let lydia go because i needed her to get me through this sadness im feeling. but she didnt help she made things worse! she would yell at me, complain, and be so lazy that I just blew up! i creid for days and got so angry, i called her and told her i dont want to be her freind, not anymore. I told anna and kingsley and they understood. Kingsley said that her and Lydia didnt hang out or text, they hanged out through me, and anna said she agreed with me, Lydia was being rude.

So its been about 2-3 weeks and i was starting to forgive Lydia but then she started being mean again, so now I’m starting to think… i said our sisterhood would last forever, and i truly belived it but now I’m thinkin our sisterhood will never last.

– Thera Pope