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Month: February, 2012

The Creachers of Thera

i am writing a script for a movie im making and i want your opion on it. : its about this family of evil creachers that kill humans, there is 3 girls and 3 boys and the mother is a devil named thera; and there is this little girl,cat, who is very curious and starts to spy on the creachers to figure out their secret. with the police on their tail the creachers decide not to kill cat but then she gets a little too close…

wat do u think? if u have any sugestions or comment leave a comment plz…


All by myself

a song that represents the lonleness that you dont want and that you want to decide to not be that way.




– dont lisen till you know its true.

– dont let them effect you til you have proof.

– look at who or where you herd it from, is it trustable?

Those are my tips for rumors. they are horible things leading to worse such as suiside, divorces, fights, etc. Dont let the rumors do that anymore. And be careful if u start one it will back stap you.


V-Day downs and ups

V-day can mean 3 things.

1. Spending a good day with your sweet heart/ the girl bosses the boy around and the girl doesnt have to feel bad.

2. Being depresssed cuz you dont have V-day with an awsome sweetie.

3. you honestly dont give a crap!

I would be #3 because ive relized that it doesnt matter if your alone as long  as your happy. And im tired of  being sad over a Fake holiday. so for all the girls that wanna be sad…. 4get it! its not worth it and it makes you feel better if you make yourself feel happier!!! just try it!