The bases

by therapope

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this week it’s that freinds are like bases they lift youup and help you go where you want or need to go. Everybody needs a freind. I have great freinds. And oh lord am I thankful for them.  They help me stay out oftrouble, get out of depressing times, point me the right way etc.

When i tell everyone their biggest secret they don’t tell a single person mine. When I steal their man or tear up their homework they still help me as much as they can. When I make my bigist mistake, I canscout on them. They are there and they won’t let me fall, I will NEVER let them fall and no matter how far apart I love them just as much and if not more.

And nothing splits us apart I will always be able to reach them as to they can reach me. Freinds are like bases, and best freinds are backspots 😉