Dont fill your heart with hate or there wont be anough room for love.

by therapope

Ever since i put mirrors in my room, i have been writing sayings on them with dry erase marker. This is my favorite saying that i have on there. (dont fill your heart with hate or else there wont be anough room for love) I often look at it when im upset to remind me to look at the positive. Its just nice to have just a couple of words change your life. This phrase has helped me ever since I was 7 yrs. old.

I wanted to love everybody and just be the loving type person like one of my close freinds allison but I turned out just Hateing everybody. My heart was filled with hate, 98%! :p But then i read this and I relized how much I hate on people and how i dhould be loving people. I still am a Hater but im a lover now too. Those 14 words changed my life. So I want to share them with you so that hopefully they will change your life too.

– Thera Pope