Osteonecrosis Condition

by therapope

yesterday i found out that my bone “condition” is called Osteonecrosis. Its where your blood suply doesnt grow fast anough and some of your bones dont have blood going through so that bone dies. I got it a little more than a year ago. I was in serious pain and had to where a brace then i had cruches and right before i was about to go in a wheelchair it started to feel better. But it still hert, even today it still herts ocationally. Also now my other knee is herting and i think its my “condition” again. And i dont want to have to go through 6 mounths on cruches again. so if it keeps herting to the point i cant walk on that leg i am going striaght to a wheelchair.

     I cant imagine me in a wheelchair. I dont wanna be in a wheelchair. so hopefully ill get lucky again and it will start to heal anough to wear i can walk without groaning in pain. I have mentioned to my mom that i wanted to do surgery but she doesnt want to. Its not because of the money but well idk. I just want to do surgery so i dont have to deal with all this pain. I would rather have surgery and have a 3-12 mounth recovery. (i hope shes not reading this) well, ya so im happy to know what its called now and i guess we will see where god and my body takes me. ;p