Save the drowning from swimming the wrong way- Middle school

by therapope

Its a hell hole if you ask me but in the end i look back and see how it changed me. In good and bad. It showed me how other people react and what some people do to sole their problems but it just makes it worse. The place is crazy and insane. i mean youve got drug dealers, cutters, smokers, sexual afection, etc. you cant walk down the halls without seeing a couple swaping breath mints. and heres the worst part; theres nothing we can do about it. we can make  more stupid rules or pretend to be their freind and backstap them with a punishment for what you found out their doing but if anything it will just make it worse. thoose sweet poor kids who where influenced by the group before them are ruining their lives. And it seems noone can help. the only way to change the hell of middle school is for thoose kids to have the power to not go down that path. yes, i reliize im being dramatic but i am not exsaterating. middle school is where peoples lives ether get praised or rueined. i was a lucky one; only because my freinds saved me. if i didnt have the caring people around me that i have today, i would probaply end up with the poor “persuaded to do back things” group and the rest of my life would be the same. thats how middle school changed me. it changed how i think, feel,look. i now relate to people dramatic stories of back then and know; yes, they are telling the truth; yes, its really that sad; yes, the young teens today are having their lives torn a part and theirs nothing we can do about it but persuade. If we persuade maybe we can make thoose kids change their mind and turn around their life like i did. hopefully we can save them… even if we cant i hope all of you reading this can try or relize what goes on. it doesnt matter what school it is, homeschool, public school, even christian school. the horror still is present in middle school and i need help to at least try to save it!