Hair dye should be accepted at schools!

by therapope


Unnatural hair dye should be accepted; it is way students can express themselves. It improves self-confidence, and it can show the type of person a student is. Overall unnatural hair dye should be accepted.

Students need to express themselves and figure out who they are, middle school is the time students are trying to do that. Dying their hair would help expressing and figuring out themselves.

       Dying hair unnatural colors also helps student’s self-confidence. They learn to ignore the laughs and to stand straight and confident. This can help them focus on school and not how people see them. This way their grades improve since they can focus on school because they are more confident. All leading to dying their hair an unnatural color.

Another reason dying hair unnatural colors should be accepted is because it improves student’s mood. They become happier and more positive. Which is a great way to get kids out of depression. Dying hair unnatural colors could save kids lives: because if a student is suffering from depression they could commit suicide but if they become happy by dying their hair they will not go down that path!

The school should accept unnatural hair dye. This could boost self-confidence, help kids be more positive which saves lives, and will help kids express themselves which is very important especially in middle school. In the end unnatural hair dye helps students and should be accepted!

– Thera Pope