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My new house in Iowa!!!

I am moving in a Month or two and this will be my home…



It can be the one thing that keeps you down or the one thing that keeps you alive. if i have learned one thing in life, its that love is powerfull. I think i am in love with a man that i will never get. I am trying though, trying to find another man i have those feelings for. The more I seacrch, the less i am confadent. After years and years i have figured out that it doesnt matter if the one you love doesnt love you back. At least you can experiance what it feels like to be inlove. The amazing fireworks that go off when he or she lightly touches you. You feel as though there is nothing else better in the world.

When he smiles you want more than anything to stay there, with him all day and laugh with him. No matter what he does you still feel as if he is the most perfect man in the world. When you are just in his presance, buterflys swarm around in your stomack. You feel as though you cant live without him. love is that wonderfull thing that noone should give up. There is no thing as a perfect dream man but there is such thing as a soul mate. Like i said, i think i am in love but i know the one i think i am falling for does not feel the sameway. Even though i still have hope, i also have destiniy. And my destiny is too live up in seattle, washington, get married, and have kids and a 100 year old house.

Love is needed. Love is real. Love will always be with you.




I am having a bunch of problems right now but I am still moving forward and still passing by. The one I think I am in love with, is not avalible for me as far as I know I don’t even think he sees me as a freind, witch is now all I really want. Also I let go of,y bestq freind because she was/is not being supportive to me and wasn’hi giving me hope and love witch I needed. Also, I am moving across the US witch scares me because I don’t know how to make afuture away from Kyle Texas. And on top of that I am having some family issues. Point is I have no idea what to do that would save me from these problems but I getmore open  to more possibility  every day. I can always give advice

to other people their hat helps them a lot but somehow it won’t help me.


When everything changes around you, you feel like you’re sliding down a long slippery table and when you stop at the end you just keep spinning. I have experienced this, these last couple months. I have had close freind troubles and chanfamily family and I are moving 18 hours away from where we live now; I have put off boys and relationships.

Anyway, when I am in the process of sliding down that table, as all these changes come at me like fireballs shooting out from the blurry ness, I don’t seem to mind that part. (unless it’s too dramatic) but when I start spinning I begin to question,then wonder, then I freak out but by then it’s too late becusei am already at the other side of the table and the only way to get back is a big push. A push that I don’t have anough strength to preform.

So for right now I haven’t even started spinning but I expect it to come soon, but for now I am still having these fireball changes thrown at my derection




Sceane 1

Extra- (screams) (falls down)


Sceane 2

(at death sceance/ park victim is bloody and on ground)

Ralph-  (speaking in radio) it’s a 162, fairway, bout 14 of age, female

Thera- (taps Ralph on the shoulder) hey Ralph, we found the identity, Brittany shallow. Clean record, no crime.

Ralph- (slaps lap in frustration) god Thera! I just don’t get it! Its just murder after murder and no reason!

Thera- Look its not that serious, we found the identity now we just got to tell her parents and find out how she died.

Ralph- (sigh) I guess your right, go look up her family and I’ll call cat. She’s coming today. And I’m super nervous. Ever since what happened to her mother…. It’s just been… awkward.

Thera- hmm… just get her a little gift. Show her you love her. Wait, you do love her… right? (Smiles)

Ralph- (laughing) yes, I love her with all my heart!

Thera- great, well I got to go find a family tree! I’ll see you later?

Ralph- of course…

(Thera walks away) (Ralph looks at her dreamy)

Extra- (laughs) what are you doing?

(Ralph snaps out of it)

Ralph- oh, oh um… get to work and get me a donut!

(Ralph walks out)


Sceance 3

(Ralph is on driveway, taxi shows up and cat walks out)

Ralph- hey Cat (akwardness)

Cat- hey dad…


Ralph- umm I got you something

(Pulls out little bunny for a baby)

Cat- umm Thanks dad

Ralph- I remember how much you loved bunnies and when I saw this I just thought of you so… ya.

  Cat- dad, its great. (Grabs suitcase) so, is my room still where it use to be?

Ralph- oh, ya but first I’m going to take you to eat at your favorite restrant.

Cat- Chips?

Ralph- yep.

Cat- that’s great but I want to put some stuff in my room first.

Ralph- ok, that’s fine…

Cat- Thanks! (Half smiles)

(Goes inside and goes to room)

(Cat walks in room)

Cat- wow, he definitely hasn’t changed the room.

(Room is babyish)

(Puts bag down)

Cat- let me just unpack something’s…

(Takes out picture of mom and sets it up on table)

Cat- there

(Sad music plays and there’s a pause)

Ralph- (from downstairs) Cat?

Cat- coming!

(Cat goes down stairs)

Cat- got your wallet?

Ralph- (points to cat) good idea!

(Goes to get wallet)


Sceance 4

(Cat is in room and alarm goes off)

Cat- (groans) It’s 7 already?

Ralph- (from down stairs) Cat! I’ve got you’re schedule!

Cat- I’ll be there in 20

Ralph- (from down stairs) hurry, I’ve got work!

Cat- ok

(Cat brushes hair and hurry’s down stairs)

(Cat creeps by her dad’s office and hear’s about murder)

Ralph- (on phone) another one! That’s 12 murders already! And all they have in common is the age. 8-14 years old! I looked at the marks and it’s not a bear or any type of cat or dog. What could it be? We might need to shut down the schools… (pause) Ya, your right, lets wait till it gets more serious.

Cat- (walk’s in) dad?

Ralph- oh! Oh um, sorry I got to go. Bye! (Hangs up) sorry cat, what do you need? (Nervous)
Cat- umm, my schedule

Ralph- oh, ya sorry (hands cat schedule.) there.

Cat- thanks; I’m ganna go, k?

Ralph- yep. Ya. Of course.

(Cat walks out)


Sceance 5

(In the halls of school, narrates life)

Cat- wow, dad is now officially creeping me out. With the bunny, the room, he has made it obvious that it is awkward since my mom… well, the background story is basic; it was on a Friday night… (Sad) We ordered pizza and where watching a stupid romance movie when we herd a nock and I thought it was just a friend or something that was going to join us but no, my mom went to answer the door and they stepped out side; I never saw the man’s face! I waited and waited for hours because I was to scared to open the door. I finally got up the courage and opened the door. I looked down and there before me was my own mothers dead body. So, that’s what happened, only a month ago. Now I have a fear of answering doors and I miss my mom sooo much! But what kills me the most is that no one knows how or why my mom died and I am determined to find out. I have been living with my nana for a month but the child services wanted me to live with my dad and I agreed since I love my dad and haven’t seen him much since my mom and him split when I was 5. so that’s where I am Cat Hudson, the one who WILL find out the truth!


Sceance 5 ½

(Cat walks in to classroom) (Heath/Iselin/flow are in the school group)

Extra (teacher)- hello class today- (notices cat) Oh, yes so dear sorry, (puts arm around cat) this is our new student Catherine Hudson.

Cat- (whispers) I go by cat.

Extra (teacher)- of course so dear sorry, umm (looks around the room) hmmm… (Points to desk by Flow) you can sit over by flow.

Cat- oh, umm ok

(Cat sits down and flow rolls eyes)

Cat- umm hi!

Flow- shut up, your voice is like, super annoying

Cat- (mumbles) sorry?

Extra (teacher)- ok, today we will-


Sceance 6

(Outside school / cat and matter)

Cat- hey! Matter!

(Runs to matter)

Matter- umm… hey I haven’t seen you in a couple of years… oh, and I herd the news, I’m so sorry…

Cat- ya (looks at ground)

(Flow walks by and pushes into cat)

Flow- oh, sorry (sarcastically)

Cat- who is she? (In disgust)

Matter- Flow, she oldest girl of the Underwood’s, and ya she’s known for her… (Stares dreamy) beautiful (gets back into real life) what/ oh, I mean sass. She’s known for her sass.

Cat- huh, who are the Underwood’s? I think my dad has mentioned a woman with that same last name…

(They stare at Underwood’s)

Matter- I don’t know, they’re mysterious and Flow is gorgeous…

Cat- Matter! (Snaps fingers) snap out of it! We have to find out more about these “Underwood’s”!

Matter- Why? (Scared)

Cat- because something’s creepy about them and I wasn’t going to tell you this but… I was listening to my dad on the phone this morning and… there has been A LOT of murderers!

Matter- (starts laughing really hard) and you think (catches breath) you think the Underwood’s are the killers? (Laughs more) who messed with your head? They are kids!

Cat- ya, but crazy kids… I say we spy!

Matter- ( goes to straight face) no! You know I am scared of spying! What if we get caught?

Cat- Matter, your scared of everything! Live a little

Matter- last time you said that it ended with police

Cat- come on! Trust me…

Sceance 7

(canon lake house= underwoods/creachers house) (all are at big long table)

Thera- (yelling in devil form) you are all a disgrace!!!! Who are you Obama? Trying to sneak around and being so flippin bad about it! I swear if Ralph wasn’t so stupid and in love with me you would all be hanged or shot and they would do anything to try and kill you. Worst of all our plan would not work! I swear- (interrupts)

Aqua- but Thera you have to see from our point here! We live on human flesh and we have to give you most of our findings! We are starving!

Flow- ya! I cant just live on one human for a whole month! We will die and be insane with hunger!

Heath- I just don’t get it, we have been able to pool this off before.

Iselin- ya, but we had to move afterward.

Thera- (points to Iselin) exactly! And we cant move this time! Not with all these privileges!

Wilfred- then what will we do for food?

Aqua- well, we have no choice but to kill…

Dolly- no! No more killing! I don’t like it!

Flow- (rolls eyes) here we go again!

Thera- one more kill and from now on no more deaths without my permission… understood?!

All- yes

Thera- you’re words better be true or you will spend you’re time in my little home. (Does evil smile) a place called hell. So unless you want to be packing your bags…

Aqua- got it

Flow- (mumbles) we better

Thera- now get out! You’re presence disturbs me! (Looks at dolly) especially you!

Dolly- (looks down and frowns)

(All are gone)

Thera- (evil laugh) soon I’ll be back where I used to be (laughs while sinking into floor)


Sceance 8

(Cat walks in)
Cat- dad! Dad, are you home?!

Ralph- Yes! I’m in the office!

(Cat skips to office with smile)

Ralph- hey little princess! What are you hipped about?

Cat- oh, nothing just had a great first day!

Ralph- well, that’s great! Listen I got work to do I’m sorry…

Cat- umm that’s ok, I’ll go to my room; It will give me time to unpack more

Ralph- (smiles) that’s- (phone rings) (answers) hello, this is Ralph. Oh, yes (waves cat bye) (on phone) yes, I know…

(Cat walks upstairs into room)

Cat- well… (Looks out window and see’s the Underwood’s) (Leans forward) If only I could hear them…

(Underwood’s mumble)

Cat- (trips and makes loud noise on accident) 

(Flow looks up and catches cat)

Cat- I’m dead (then hides under window and Underwood’s run off)


Sceance 9

 (In the hallway) (Focus on cat)

(Walks into classroom) (Music)

Extra (teacher)- sit down, sit down

(Students sit down)

(When cat sits down flow rolls eyes)

Extra (teacher)- ok, so now we are going to watch this video on prince Robert the third now listen closely- (mumbles)

(video starts)

Flow- yuck, a video

Cat- it’s not that bad… uh

Flow- you’re that bad!

Cat- (holds in anger then burst) ok that’s enough! You cant just keep pushing people around! It makes them feel weird!

Flow- Weird? Makes them feel Weird! I’m not the one stalking people and watching them like some… some freak!!! Ah! (Walks out)

Extra (teacher)- Catharine, detention for a week!


Extra (teacher)- but nothing! Out now!

Cat- (looks down) ok

(Walks out) (Music)

Sceance 10

(Outside negly/school)

Cat- (to matter) arrggg! I hate that stupid “flow”!

Matter- why? She’s kinda ok…

Cat- ok! Ok? She got me detention for the next week! My dad is ganna freak! And- (gets interrupted)

Matter- ok. Ok. (Puts hand on cat’s shoulder)  You are going to be fine! Just… just chill out.

Cat- ya your right, I guess I really need to chill…

(Flow walks bi)

Cat- (gasp) there she is! I have to follow her!

Matter- No! Not again!

Cat- (grabs matter’s arm) come on!

(Follow flow to the Underwood family behind the school)

Cat- (whispers) come on!

Matter- (steps on wrapper)

Cat- shhh!

(Cat and matter quiet)

Flow- ok, I’m here what’s the time?

Aqua- 3:15, you ready?

Flow- set

Dolly- do I have to be here?

Iselin- yes, if you want to eat!

Heath- what are you stupid!?

Dolly- (looks down) sorry (mumbles)

Wilfred- it’s ok… (Comforts dolly)

Flow- oh, will you shut up! Let’s get this over with!

Aqua- ok, you (points to flow) go over- (interups himself) (looks at cat)

Cat- run

Matter- What?

Cat- run…

Aqua/Flow- (steps toward cat)

Cat- Run. Run. Run!

Matter/Cat- (scream)

Sceance 11

(At canon lake table/ Underwood’s house) (Meeting)

Aqua- I call this meeting into session! (Slams table)

Flow- if this is a “meeting” then why isn’t Thera here?

Aqua- cause… um because she will push my decision I want to share with you!

Flow- whoa, Mr. Big words, what decision?

Dolly- Can I leave?

Heath/Iselin- no! Sit town!

Heath- where am I? Oh, I know… I’m in… ok, never mind

Iselin- God! You are annoying!

Heath- (whimpers) you’re mean!

Flow- ok! Ok! Now what’s this stupid “decision”? I didn’t know you could make one with out Thera…

Aqua- you cant, but that’s beside my point! Now quiet down! (Quiet’s down)

Aqua- ok, here’s the thing; you know that girl? Umm…

Flow- Cat?

Aqua- ya, I think

Wilfred- what? She’s like 12!

Aqua- ya, but one little girl can make one big mess!

Wilfred- so… What are we ganna do?

Heath- let’s just like kill her or something…

Iselin- ya, so what do we do?

Aqua- no more kills

Flow- (stands up angry) WHAT?

Aqua- no more till her suspicion is over!

Flow- but you know what happens to us if we don’t eat! She’s already starting to take over my body!

Dolly- me too, it’s scary

Wilfred- (comforts dolly) I know, I know

Flow- wait! Wait! How will we survive?

Aqua- I don’t know (looks down)

Flow- so your plain is to let “her” take over? Wow you’re smart! (Sarcastically)

Aqua- look, what other choice do we have? She can’t find out!

Heath- we kill her?

Iselin- (puts hand on head) I-yi-yi

Dolly- is that all you’re solutions? Killing? I wish we could just somehow…

Aqua- no kills! No somehow! And No taking over! I’ll find away…

Flow- ya right! This is pathetic! (Starts to walk out)

Aqua- but- wait!

Flow- save it! (Walks out)

Aqua- well… do we agree? No more kills?

Dolly- ya…

Heath/Iselin- do we have a choice?

Aqua- not on my watch!

Wilfred- ok…

Heath- I’m out.

Iselin- I guess I’m out too?

Wilfred/dolly- bye

(All walk out but aqua)

Aqua- (puts head down) (sigh)


Sceance 12

(In cat’s room/cat’s on phone with matter)

Cat- you’ll be here in 5? (Pause) Thanks matter, I’ll see you then

(Hangs up) (Paces)

(Matter walks in)

Matter- Hey, what’s the emergency?

Cat- It’s the… Underwood’s

Matter- again! We already got super busted and… I’m…

Cat- chill out! I say we sneak out tonight my dad is working late and I NEED to find out what’s going on.

Matter- what if it’s better left unknown…

Cat- no way! Remember what they said… something about “getting it over with” what’s going on?!

Matter- well the little girl said she didn’t want to do it… where they ganna hurt her?

Cat- no… maybe they where ganna use her…

Matter- I don’t know and I’m too scared to find out.

Cat- well, sucks for you because you’re coming back to my house tonight to spy on the Underwood’s!

Matter- What-but- I never agreed to this!

Cat- great be at my house at midnight!

Matter- but-but-what arrggg!

(Matter walks out)

Cat- Ok! See you then!

(Ralph comes into cat’s room)

Ralph- are you ok?

Cat- ya-ya-ya- I’m just fine (nervously)

Ralph- ok (nervously) guess I’ll go to work, bye!

Cat- Bye!

(Ralph exists)

Cat- this is about to get crazy!


Sceance 13

(Outside cat’s house) (Cat and matter are in spy black costume)

Matter- (whisper) I’m here

Cat- ok (picks up dirt) put this on your face (puts dirt on face)

Matter- what! No!

Cat- Please! We don’t have much time…

Matter- Arrggg! Fine… (Puts dirt on face with attitude)

Matter-ok, so where do we go?

Cat- oh, umm… Where do they hang out?

Matter- (sarcastically) ya, because they are there right now.

Cat- just tell me

Matter- well, there is a bunch of rumors…but…

Cat-we don’t have much time.

Matter- Fine! They hang out by the lake…

Cat-ok, so lets go!

Matter- wait! (Cat looks at matter) what if the rumors are true? What if… something happens to us?

Cat- we’ll be fine, just follow me

(They walk to lake) (Spooky music)

(Find creachers)

Cat- (grins) told you so

Matter- whatever

Cat- shhh listen (lean in)


 Flow- what’s the point of this? I’m freezing…

Iselin- ya, and why isn’t dolly and Wilfred here?

Aqua- because this is been a tough time for them they need to time to themselves…

Heath- good point; so why are we here?

Flow- I was just thinking the same thing, we never come to the lake unless we are ready to make a kill.

(Back in the bushes)

Cat- (gasp)

Matter- (shivering) did she say…


Matter- cat I think we should-

Cat- shhh!

(Back by the lake)

Flow- what was that?

Heath- what?

Flow- that noise

Iselin- I herd it too

Aqua- I didn’t

Flow- where did it come from?

Heath- please don’t tell me it was that mortal…

(Back in the bushes)

Cat- go! Go! Go!

(Cat and matter run back to cat’s house)

Cat-phew! (Wipes sweat)

Matter- (catching breath) I…am never…never…doing that…again!

Cat- At least we didn’t get caught…

Matter- cat! Nock some sense into your head! (Grabs shoulders and shakes cat) This is exactly how you used to be! You’re ganna get in trouble!

Cat- but did you hear what she said? Kills! Mortals! Something is not right about them and I cant just sit here!

Matter- are you still thinking the “Underwood’s” are killers? Ok, they’re freaky but NOT murderers!

Cat- you where there! You herd her when she said, “we never come to the lake unless we are ready to make a KILL” and when that other girl, heth?

Matter- Heath!

Cat- whatever, heath said “please don’t tell me its that MORTAL!”

Matter- come down!

Cat- no! Not until I figure out what’s going on!… why aren’t you supporting me?

Matter- because…if you are right we could get killed spying on them and not “grounded, killed” real BLOOD killed! Is that who you are? A person that risks their life for some… some “truth”

Cat- yes, I am that “kind” of person! My mom died a mouth ago and I think it was them and if I die I die knowing! But you… you will die with a mystery!

Matter- Fine! But I’m not coming with you to any more suicidal trips to the “Underwood’s”

Cat- Fine!

(Matter storms out and cat goes to bed)


Sceance 14

(Police finding at lake)

Ralph- this is a 182, this time male, bout 10 of age, fairway again.

Thera- wow, two murders in the same spot…

Ralph- ya, but this time the murderer left a part of the body.

(Both look down and there is A LOT of blood on an arm)

Thera- ya, this one is a smarty…

Ralph- have you found the identity yet?

Thera- nope, I got Henry working on it!

Ralph- cool, I need to tell you something…

Thera- (mumbles) oh god

Ralph- I think I am going to resign as a police captain and find another job…

Thera- what! Wait… why?

Ralph- It’s been 2 mouths thera! I sill haven’t found this stupid murderer! Why have this job when I am no good at it!
Thera- (puts hand on Ralph’s shoulder) there, there. You are great at you’re job, you just need a break…

Ralph- ya, a break would be nice…

Thera-ya, that’s what you need… why don’t you take today and tomorrow off?

Ralph- you sure? Can you handle all this (spreads arms out) for two days?

Thera- I’m sure I can manage…

Ralph- hmm… (Thinks for awhile) Fine, but I’ll be back in two days!

Thera- ok, captain (flirty smile)

Ralph- ok, (hands over clipboard) here’s the list of stuff to do…

Ill go pack up some stuff…

Thera- ok

Ralph- see you later… (Waves)

Thera- (waves then mumbles: ) oh, you’ll see me soon (evil grin)


Sceance 15

(At canon lake house/ Underwood’s house) (Meeting held by thera)

Thera- I bring great news! I understand we have been having some problems with this… family…

(People look confused)

Thera- CAT! And her dad… Ralph! (Pause) anyway Ralph is taking a “break” from being a police captain and those two days is the time we have to do it.

Dolly- what does “it” mean?

Wilfred- ya, what are we going to do? And why do we have two days?

Thera- YOU IDIOTS!!!

Flow- Hey! I was about to ask the same thing and I KNOW, im NOT an idiot!

Iselin- just go on…

Thera- since you are too stupid! To relies that “it” means what “we” have been planning…

Heath- I’m lost (twirls hair)

Aqua- Enough! This is so aggravating! Just tell us what you’re planning!

Thera- (lifts hands and is struggling aqua by force)

Aqua- (struggling) tell us…what…to…do…

Thera- (lets go) I found a way to get rid of the Hudson’s (evil grin)


Sceance 16

(cat walks into her dad’s office)

Cat- Dad?

Ralph- (wakes up from sleeping on desk) ummm… Oh… hi

Cat- it’s 12, you said we needed to meet a friend of yours from work?

Ralph- Oh my god! I’m late (puts hand on cat’s shoulder) thanks for waking me; wait outside while I get some pants (stands up in underwear)

Cat- (awkward) ok…

Ralph- great! (runs and puts pants on)

Cat- DAD! (yelling to him from outside the restroom)

Ralph- Yes?

Cat- what is the name of the woman we are having dinner with again?

Ralph- Thera Underwood (dreamy sigh)

Cat- (gasp) (whispers) oh my god!

Ralph- is everything ok?

Cat- umm… ya I’m fine… you done?

Ralph- (walks out) all set, I thought I told you to wait in the car…

Cat- ummm…. Its starting to get dark and…

Ralph- that’s fine, let’s go, we’re late!

Cat- umm… ok…

(Leave and go to car)

Ralph- this is going to be great!


Sceance 17

(At Underwood’s for dinner)

Ralph- hello Thera, (puts hand on cat’s shoulder) this is my daughter, cat.

Thera- why hello cat, your dad has talked a lot about you (smiles)

Cat- (smiles awkwardly) umm… thanks…

Thera- these are my kids, (points to each one as she says their name) Aqua, Flow, Heath and Iselin, Wilfred and Dolly. From my understanding you have a class with some of them.

Cat- ya, I have a class with Heath, Iselin, and Flow…

Thera- ya, they have mentioned you where in one of their classes… anyway take a seat

Ralph and cat- (sit down)

Ralph- so… you told me you want to talk about something…

Thera- yes… ummm let me and the twins talk to you… privately…

Ralph- sure, I-

Cat- Need to talk to me first

Ralph- umm, I guess I need to talk to cat real quick, I’m so sorry-

Thera- it’s fine, you are excused
Ralph- thank you, again so sorry

(Ralph and cat walk to corner)

Cat- you cant (whispering)

Ralph- what?

Cat- you cant be alone with any of the Underwood’s

Ralph- why? What are they going to do, kill me? (says sarcastically)

Cat- yes, actually they might. I’ve been spying and-

Ralph- wait! You have been spying?

Cat- but-

Ralph- no! This conversation

(Walk back to table)


(Walks to table)

Ralph- ok… where were we?

Thera- follow me…

(Walks out of room with twins)

Thera- bye (starts to tear up)

Flow- what is you’re problem? (Bratty)

Cat- oh, (wipes tears) I’m just…uh… being dramatic…

Flow- whatever…

(Hear Ralph scream)

Cat- (cries and runs to the door Ralph was token into) Dad? Dad! DAD!

Cat- (walks into door and sees dad on floor bloody with heath and Iselin and thera as creachers)

Cat- dad… (Cries) who are you?! You… you creacher! How could you do this? Did you do this to my mother too? Now my father? And soon… oh, no…

Heath- haha, yes you, now you

Iselin- and yes, we did. You look like your mother… haha

(flow,aqua,wilferd and dolly sneak up behind cat)

dolly- No! Stop! Don’t do it!!!

Flow- no dolly, go and starve or hurt and be full.

Cat- wait! Stop! Havn’t you ever thought about how a death of one would affect hundreds? When you killed my mom, people from all over the world came to her funeral! Many people loved her! And same with my dad and me! When you kill someone you push all your feeling’s aside to deal with the fact the population is down one. And when I say one it seems so little but it adds and it becomes millions. Don’t you dream of having a different goal, like something you want to do?

Thera- oh, shut up!

Dolly- hey I agree with her (steps by cat) you kill her you put me in the devils home!

Thera-ok, have it your way
Flow-  dolly! Don’t do this!

Dolly- flow, over the years YOU tell me what to do and this is the one decision I will make!

Thera- flow, join her or shut up!

Flow- fine, let’s finish this

Aqua- bye bye

(All walk towards cat and dolly)


Sceance 18

(Video of cat as a kid showing at her funeral)



Sceance 19


Director- Anna Holesonbake

Co-director- Thera?

Make-up artist- Thera Pope


Script writer- Thera Pope

Setting decorator-

Camera man-



Cat- Kingsley Erps

Ralph- Luke Holesonbake

Thera- Anna Holesonbake


Flow- Thera Pope

Heath- Grace Pope

Iselin- John Pope

Wilfred- Stewart Holesonbake

Dolly- Tracy Pope

Teacher- Kennedy Erps

Screamer- Kennedy Erps

Extra (police)- Lydia Emery

freinds forever or never

I was going through a tough time in my life and I needed help.wait, let me pause and rewind a little bit.

It started when i was in 2nd grade, when you are in 2nd grade, its not that hard to make freinds, you like something someone else does and BOOM! you are freinds for life. well, thats kinda what happened to me. I was the one kid that didnt look like everyone else. We were in little town kyle, in the mid of texas where it is sooo hot, alll the time. not everyone is like california tan but, noone was as white as me. I looked like I had some sort of desise or like I was in the holicost. I was skinny,pale, had SUPER thin hair that was so blonde it was practicly white. so, when someone asked me to play with them, i got so happy i creid. this ‘someone” was anna. oh, sweet anna. raised by small town sweetheart catholics who wouldnt hert a fly, even if the world depended on it. anna was our typical goody tu-shoes, that wore perfect little flower T-shirts and little flower girl skirts through out 1st to 7th grade. she read the bible when she was only 6 and loved church like a fat kid loves pie. When she asked me to play with her i was thrilled and then we just became bestfreinds. then of course anna had a other freinds…. two, to be exsact. one was named alyssa, the other kingsley. Alyssa… oh Alyssa, poor girl. she was the most meanest girl in school, she wined, complained, and got everything she wanted! god, i hated her. but Kingsley, no kingsley was awsome! she was sassy but nice, had manners but atitude. she soon became my freind too. so that is how our group started. me, kingsley, and anna. how it should be.

But then when i was in 3rd grade, kingsley and I were playing at my house with my little sister, grace (eww), when their was a nock at the door. my mom answered it and then i herd a little girls voice, about my age. Kingsley,Grace, and I ran downstairs and sure anough was the fourth little member of the sisterhood,.. Lydia. she showed us her house, just down the alley.At the time i wanted to be freinds with her, and so did kingsley. so when we left i went up to my room and decided that Lydia would be the fourth memmber of our group. so, we all became freinds and i descoverd that lydia was nice to have around. before you knew it we were like sisters! we were the bestest of freinds and it was great!

Then one day, about 2 or so years ago, Lydia changed. she was all about looks, and brands of clouthes, she took an hours to just do her hair, she treated me like her little purse dog, and at first I ignored it to see if she would stop, then we had little fights every now and then, then i got tired of being treated so badly and when i was ganna walk away from her, somthing happened…. I found out i was moving, all the way to Iowa! Lydia and I sat in my bed crying for hours and i was so upset i didnt do anything for days,and thats when i decided i couldnt let lydia go because i needed her to get me through this sadness im feeling. but she didnt help she made things worse! she would yell at me, complain, and be so lazy that I just blew up! i creid for days and got so angry, i called her and told her i dont want to be her freind, not anymore. I told anna and kingsley and they understood. Kingsley said that her and Lydia didnt hang out or text, they hanged out through me, and anna said she agreed with me, Lydia was being rude.

So its been about 2-3 weeks and i was starting to forgive Lydia but then she started being mean again, so now I’m starting to think… i said our sisterhood would last forever, and i truly belived it but now I’m thinkin our sisterhood will never last.

– Thera Pope

The Creachers of Thera

i am writing a script for a movie im making and i want your opion on it. : its about this family of evil creachers that kill humans, there is 3 girls and 3 boys and the mother is a devil named thera; and there is this little girl,cat, who is very curious and starts to spy on the creachers to figure out their secret. with the police on their tail the creachers decide not to kill cat but then she gets a little too close…

wat do u think? if u have any sugestions or comment leave a comment plz…

All by myself

a song that represents the lonleness that you dont want and that you want to decide to not be that way.




– dont lisen till you know its true.

– dont let them effect you til you have proof.

– look at who or where you herd it from, is it trustable?

Those are my tips for rumors. they are horible things leading to worse such as suiside, divorces, fights, etc. Dont let the rumors do that anymore. And be careful if u start one it will back stap you.